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  The National Aviation University was created on 23 August 1933 in accordance with the Decree of Soviet Government , №1815.

  Since early the university called as the Kyivsky aviation institute . The military training department began to train the reservist officers as well.

  In 1941 , when there was a threat of occupation the Germany army , the KAI was evacuated the eastern area near Aktubinsk then it moved further towards to Chargeo.

  In the order №199of 20.09.1941 from a chief of staff the Red Army the KIA was renamed and changed upon the 46 military training unit. In 1942 there were trained 135 aviation specialists.

  After the second world war from 1947 to 1958 the Military training department trained the aviation engineers and the reservist officers for exploitation the tactical -fighter aircraft the IL-28

  Since 1954 the military training department began to train the reservist officers for the largest cruise aircraft the TU 16.

  In 1992 the military training faculty was created in accordance with the resolution of Ukraine government №490 , on the base of the military training department from the Kyivsky Institute Engineers Civil Aviation which began to train the officers by the forth specialities for the Ukraine Forces.

  In an order №192 in 1997 from chief of staff the Air Force about the military training departments from the Krivorozsky and the Sloviansky aviation colleges they both obedience (to under control of ) of the military training faculty.

  In 2000 the Kyivsky International University Civil Aviation was renamed upon the National Aviation University in accordance with decree №1059 , that was signed by the Ukraine president .Kuchma L.D.  |