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ФПОЗ припиняє своє існування, підготовка офіцерів запасу покладена (продовжується) на кафедру військової підготовки НАУ. Данний сайт припиняє своє існування 30.09.14 р. і вся інформація буде знаходитися на сайті КВП НАУ.


Study activity directions
Faculty of military training spare officers NAU, makes training spare officers for military professions:
• «Using subdivisions and parts of relationship, and radio-technical ensuring in aviation»;
• «Using on-board aviation methods of relationship»;
• «Using rocket fuel and other fueling and lubrificantion materials»;
• «Providing meteorological and geophisical ensuring in aviation»;
• «Using motor vehicles subdivisions for airfield flyings ensuring»;
• «Exploitating and repairing airplanes, helicopters and aviation's engines»;
• «Exploitating and repairing aviation arms on airplanes and helicopters»;
• «Exploitating and repairing aviation equipment for airplanes and helicopters»;
• «Exploitating and repairing radio-electronics equipment on airplanes, helicopters and aviation-rockets»;
• «Exploitating and repairing air-gases and others methods of airfield-technical servicing for airplanes and helicopters»;
• «Exploitating and repairing radio-technical methods for ensuring aviation flyings»;
• «Building and exploitating general's and special's military objects»;
• «Providing aviation-technicals ensuring».

Structure of the faculty
According to staff, faculty consists of: commanders, ensuring subdivisions, and pulplits:
• tactics and general military professions;
• exploitation and repair technical equipment for fuel leading-in;
• exploitation and repair airfield and aviation-technical equipment;
• exploitation and repair airplanes, helicopters and aviation arms;
• exploitation and repair fight aviation complexes and radio-technical equipment for avation flyings.

Scientifically-pedagogical personnel
• general amount scientifically-peedagogical workers - 53;
• nominee of the sciences, assistant professors, senior scientific workers - 24.

Materially-technical base
• scholastic airfield and parking for aviation technics;
• arms and military technics;
• radio range;
• vehicle range;
• special classes;
• additional scholastic buildings;
• scholastic labaratories including special devices: meashuring and calculating equipment, technical devices for education;
• labaratory of chemical researches for fuel-lubrification materials;
• computer classes with use internet connection;
• scientific researches base;
• meteorological range;
• library.

Kinds of scientific activity
• constractions and development and Ukrainian Military Forces, fighting efficiency and combat readiness increasing;
• improvement of military equipment and arms;
• development and researches questions of military pedagogic and psychology, methods for students education;
• increasing scientific qualification for scientific-pedagocial and scientific worker;

Agreements for cooperation with the faculty in the field of practical training experts has concluded by:
• State museum of aviation;
• Institute of computer technologies NAU;
• Main enterprise of flyght information processing, the part of State aviation administration of Ukraine;
• OAC «Кисневий завод»;
• Main hydro-metereological centre of General Staff of Ukrainian Military Forces;
• Central geophisical observatory of Ukraine;
• 45-th stuff of fuel ensuring;
• 10-th chemical stuff of Ministry of Ukraine protecion;
• Military part A2215.

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