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Only ukrainian citizens can enter to the faculty!
Information for students, in relation to an entrance to The military training faculty

Scheme of the faculty:
схема факультету


The faculty of the officer training is near at the "Sevastopolska square".

You can go to the faculty at this transport:
  • route taxi №220, go to the last station "State museum of aviation".
  • trolley bus №22, go to the station "Vinnitska", and go at the street "Vinnitska" at the park turn right on street "Public militians" and go straight on.
  • route taxi №213 go to the station "Vinnitska", and go at the street "Vinnitska" at the park turn right on street "Public militians" and go straight on.
  • go straight on at the "Sevastopolska square" to the "Public militians" street.



  The basis of training is the top priority for the Army which prepares officers to get high standards and desired results.

  Since 1993 the military faculty trains military specialists, who will have the engineering education.
  Training time - daily.
  The procedure of entrance at the military faculty determined the Ministry of defence.
  Also the ministry of defence defines the list of priority or essential subjects which train the cadets.
  From 1993 to 1994 the faculty team of teachers were changed, then here were many candidates of science and doctors of science.
  In 1998 was the first University leavers for the rear of the Army , for the other civil organizations and for the companies.
  The faculty has the positive result of a system of entrance , training and upbringing applicants, students, and cadets.
  All applicants who wanted to train for the Army must take time for the first year of education on, the military faculty . Only the Ukraine citizens and the recruits, their age from17 to 23 year old , they can train at the military faculty also they must have the good health for the service in the Army.

The information about an entrance at the military faculty applies to the commission of the faculty from the university. Address : Kyiv, Medova 1. telephone : (044)249-09-67.


To entrance at the military training faculty needs to pass the tests which defined on the basic of competition.

  • the interviewing with the applicants and testing by the programs of the comprehensive school;
  • the psychological tests;
  • the fit control or tests (a crossbeam -pull up, a jogging by 100m and 3000m.);
  • the medical control from the hospital commission.

All the tests conduct from on June 10th to on July 10th.

The students who will have finished the education of the university, get the diploma of a specialist and the first military rank (a lieutenant), according to the Ukraine law.  |